River of Life Christian Church - Fellowship


One of the geatest expressions of the Church is being able to enjoy true, Holy Spirit fellowship together  (Koinonia, Eph. 2:42). John says... "Our fellwoship is with the father and with His son Jesus Christ....and with one another" ( 1 John 1: 3-7). And he goes on to say ..."I write you this, so your joy may be full."

True spiritual fellowship in Christ, is not just talking about fishing, sports and various other activities in our lives, but it's actually sharing of our hearts, in Christ, with one another. Psalm 133 says that this is what moves the "Heart of the Father", when He sees His family in unity, and loving one another.

When people's hearts are really opened up to God, we'll see them wanting spiritual fellowship with others in the body of Christ. Our hunger for spiritual fellowship will be a genuine desire in the heart of every believer throughout thier lives, wanting to share spiritual life and ministry together with God's people.Our Godly friends, comrads and asociates will become a place of personal blessing and strength in everything we do.